Weeds/Fertilization Services

A lush and beautiful lawn doesn’t happen overnight — and it can’t be maintained that way either. That’s where our Turf Management & Lawn Application program comes in. For an affordable price, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful, weed-free lawn all year long!

Listed below you’ll find our ideal lawn treatment application program, as well as a description of each phase and the time it may take to be applied.

Our Turf Management & Lawn Application Program

Round 1: Pre-Emergent Weeds

Applied between the months of January and February, this phase of the program prevents any seedlings that have over-wintered in the turf from sprouting in the spring. Also applied is a broadleaf weed killer, which will eliminate any broadleaf weeds growing in the turf.

Round 2: Post-Emergent Weeds

To be applied between March and April as the turf is starting to green up from its dormant stage, this round will reinforce the elimination of any broadleaf weeds with our post-emergent products.

Round 3: Fertilization

Fertilization applied between the months of May and June will promote root and blade development and allow your turf to green up. When treatment is applied, attention will be given to any other weeds growing in the turf and be spot sprayed with a post-emergent to eliminate those weeds.

Round 4: Fertilization

To be applied between the months of July and August, this fertilizer application will mimic and reinforce the fertilization in round 3.

Round 5: Fertilization

This round, to be applied between the months of September and October, will be more of the same as round 3 and 4, but with more of an emphasis on root development to ensure your turf is prepared for the upcoming dormant winter stage.

Round 6: Pre-Emergent Weeds

Our sixth round of application comes in the late fall, as turf is going into dormancy, in order to prevent most winter weeds from germinating.

Round 7: Liming

The final phase of our lawn application program would be applied in the winter months while your lawn is dormant. Lime helps to balance the soil’s pH levels for optimum nutrient uptake in the spring.

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